In order to optimize the retrieving of luggage trolleys at airports, APS Spain has developed the Luggage Trolley Conveyor.


The fact that the trolley retrieving or gathering process is continual and requires considerable human resources. In addition, the strict security policies make the process of supplying the airsides with luggage trolleys, painful and time-consuming since all trolleys and employees have to go through a security check.



  • Allows automatic transference of airport luggage trolleys retrieved from the outdoor areas of the airport terminal (e.g. bus and train stations, taxi cab locations, passenger pick-up/drop-off, parking lots, etc.), to the indoor facilities for redistribution to any vending units, luggage trolley dispensers, and others.

  • The high safety standards of the system guarantees that only authorized personnel have access to and may operate the luggage trolley conveyor, which makes it a perfect solution for speedy and easy transfer of trolleys from landside to airside, avoiding the delays of the lengthy security checks.

  • Ensures that the passenger traffic is not affected by the operations of the service personnel, therefore providing an improved service quality and human resource optimization.

  • The Luggage Trolley Conveyor offers real-time data of the trolley movements by hours, days, months, etc., allowing for further optimization of the service.

  • This innovative system will unquestionably contribute to the modern image of any airport terminal.

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