Expo Trolley Dispensing System


Most Exhibitions, Conferences and Fairs are primarily short term events, and the work of the stand building contractors is characterized by lengthy hours before and after the main events and due to the fast-paced nature of the projects, the whole process can be seen as somewhat chaotic.


EXPOKART has been designed to aid venue operators in the management of their facilities


  • Reduced periods. It helps to reduce stand/booth assemble & disassemble periods, saving costs and extra expenses.
  • Better service to exhibitors and their contractors. Providing a trolley service, Venue offers a better service.
  • Minimized wear and tear. By using a certain model of trolley, the venue operator can guarantee the minimized wear and tear of the venue facilities (i.e. floor marks from wheels, dents on walls).
  • Reduced risk of accidents. The use of the EXPOKART with specific trolleys and trolley models defined by the venue operator minimizes the risk of accidents. The system can also control the availability of trolleys before or after a specific time.
  • New extra revenues for Venue. EXPOKART allows the venue operator to generate new revenues from renting out of brico or heavy duty trolleys (per hour or day) to the stand building contractors.
Rental service

Fully automatic EXPOKART trolley dispensers offer rental trolley service to stand/booth building contractors with a simple credit card payment.

Complimentary service

Complimentary service can be offered to selected or preferred clients via the use of loyalty/ membership cards.

The EXPOKART System is fully automatic. Dispensers can operate in stand-alone or network mode, linked via Ethernet with the Control Center, where the whole information regarding each dispenser is visualized and managed. This allows the supervisor a global view of the operation in real time, optimizing ground staff and trolley inventory management.

  • EXPOKART Dispensing Unit
  • Stainless steel body
  • 19” Touch-screen display
  • Multilingual interface
  • Easy to follow textual graphic and video instructions
  • All major credit cards accepted (coins, bill notes optional at no cost)
  • Thermal printer
  • Automatic trolley release system
  • Capacity of up to ~200 trolleys per dispenser
  • Can be used outdoor or indoor (-30º to +65ºC)
  • Ethernet / Wi Fi communication
  • System of alarms


The customer introduces a credit card and the system allows him/her to take a single trolley from the dispenser. Instructions are visualized on the main screen and a luminous indicator turns green on the turnstile. The user then simply pulls the trolley from the rail.

The rental fee is defined according to the requirements of the venue operator: by hour or by day.

When a customer returns the trolley, the EXPOKART system calculates the fee that should be charged according to the pre-set rates and communicates that information to the bank. In the meantime, a receipt for the transaction is printed for the convenience of the customer.

In the event that a user does not return a trolley in the suggested period limiting its use, the card holder is charged for the full value of the trolley.

The EXPOKART system does not store any personal or fiscal information at any time.


The venue operator can issue loyalty/membership cards which then can be given to preferred/selected clients for a specific period of time.

These cards will offer free trolley(s) to the customer and at the same time will identify him as a trolley user in case he doesn’t return the unit.

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